06 October 2008

Vista vs XP.

Prior Vista, there was XP era. Like it or not, soon we will move to Vista since Microsoft apparently want us all to leave XP. That's pretty annoying for many people, including me. XP has been a great servant. Fast, stable and supports many hardware as well as having less bugs inside it, compared to Vista.

Vista Aero, however, beats XP's interface ten to one. This is understandable because, Vista Aero needs considerable amount of VGA memory. XP can run on worhless Voodo graphic cards whereas Vista can't. The difference also involves on RAM requirement. XP can run smoothly on 256 MB RAM, Vista can't even work properly on it...

There are prices we must pay to follow Microsoft's technologies, and if we don't, we will be left behind. I don't think the next Office would run on XP platform. But, since major programs I use daily are still working on XP, there's no way I'd leave it. :P I am too loyal for a human.

Then again, there's always alternative. How about Ubuntu? ^^


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