05 October 2008

What Would You Do If There Was No Google?

For me? I'd resort to Yahoo again. -.-

For email, I'd use Yahoo Indonesia (since it has free POP3 Support) and for blog, I'd use Wordpress.com.

But without Google's search engine, I'd be stuck with Yahoo forever. That...stinks. Yahoo has never been my fav, it relies heavily on FLASH objects and ads. Duh. It loads so damn slow on my current connection. Google, in the other hands, loads in instant. :P


Prodinterios said...

Well Google really changed the internet world. Without Google there would not be the great blogs we see today. The ultimate site to check out videos and The best search engine in the world!

The Fitness Diva said...

I'd jump off a bridge. Google loves me, and indexes every page I write within mere seconds.
No Google?? You bite your tongue! ;)

atenean101 said...

Hmmm... very touch question. Hehe. Guess I`d switch to any reliable and credible search engines. But since google and yahoo are just related, then why not just switch to yahoo right? Hehe.

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techniqueal t. said...

interesting topic to post. hmmm, what would i do if there was no google? i would probably........ sulk and bite everyone's head off, heheh i cant imagine life without web nor i cant imagine web without google. ^_^

maria said...

It would be a much slower world.


motor trade insurance comparison said...

Its very hard to imagine without Google now a days, in fact it is not only with me but also the most of the people. We are heavily rely on the google to complete our office work or home work.

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