25 October 2008

What Am I Doing Today?

Doing regular stuffs, -watching anime (Flame of Recca), listening musics, doing my homeworks etc. I also randomly play Fight of Characters (Warcraft III map) and editing my blog contents as well.... pretty busy day for me.

I also started writing for www.bloggingwithsuccess.net . This site mainly focuses on blogging tips, or blog related issues in general. You might want to check it out later after we launch it at 1 Nov. For now it only has three contributors and is still open for new authors. If you'd like to contribute there, let me know.


atenean101 said...

Hi sis, I`m visiting you again. Can I be a contributor? Just wanna share what I`ve learned and what I`ve gained so far from blogging since I`ve started last september.

Fransiska Ike said...

I've contacted Ishan and Shirley about your application. I'll let you know the details as soon as they reply me back.

techniqueal t. said...

this is interesting. i too am interested. ^_^

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