24 November 2008

Blogger Bug: And I Can't Keep Myself Logged In To Blogger!

This has been two days, I think. So basically it's a bug(?) that won't allow you to stay logged in to your blog when you close your browser completely. For example, I am using Firefox and log in to my blog to post new thread. So, when I close my browser because I have finished posting, the next time I visit blogger, it will ask me to type my password again.


I have to type my _long_ password again and again? Can't I have easier way to access my blog? No, I don't care about my account's security for my room in this office is pretty much secure.

In my experience, this will be resolved on its own, so I need to be patient. But I think I need to raise a complaint here on my blog.... (not that Blogger staffs will ever read this post on this puny board, I assume).


~ said...

Clear cookies?

techniqueal t. said...

it has been two days?? it has been months for me!! and here i thought it was my lappy that was acting up.

i totally feel for you sis! =( i can understand how frustrating it could be.

tried clearing cache/cookies too but still the same. i wonder what could be the resolution for this. (aside of course from looking for a firefox add-on to do the task.. again!)

hey, you have a popular posts widget installed! it doesnt look like js supported though because i can still see it even if scripts are disabled. very nice! ^_^

Fransiska Ike said...

Soooooo frustating. But... we have to endure it since we have no other choice....so sad...really sad....


And that widget was taken from aiderss. Imma post tutorial to make it soon.

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