23 November 2008

Features And Things I Want On Google's Products..

Uh... don't blame me. I am a big fan of Google (especially Google Search, Blogger and Gmail) and has a high expectation on it... These are mostly personal want and by no means I claim it to be a voice of all Google users.

1. 'Delete all' Button on Gmail.

Basically, it's a 'reformat' feature. If I click that button, all messages/conversations/trash/spam will be deleted in instant. :P I want it because, Gmail has quota limitation and also it has too many links to be accessed. I always clean up one folder, go to other folder, clean it up again and so on and so forth. Thusly, it consumes time.

2. Better support forum for Blogger

The current forum is heavily spammed and lacks support from volunteer/Google staffs. The lack of support is also annoying... To be honest, Wordpress.com forum is more user friendly and a very nice place to ask for help. If they can make it better, I will be very grateful.

3. Screenshot/page rank display on Google's search results.

See screenshot below. (this can be done because of Google's Preview add on for Firefox.)

It will be a very handy feature to have, won't it? ^^

4. Add image management support for Blogger..

Maybe it's me who is ignorant but... I find it's pretty hard to manage my images on blogger. Currently, I have no means to edit and replace it easily. If you know anything about this, let me know.

5. Filter to folder feature on Gmail.

On Yahoo mail, we can move and organize our emails into separate folders, this is the most convenient way for me. But on Gmail, I can't have the same thing. They replace it with labels... *sigh* and so my main folder's cluttered with many emails. This is one reason why I use Outlook Express to read email from Gmail.

6. More themes for Blogger.

Pretty self explanatory. :(

7. Offline installer for Google Toolbar.

Again, pretty much self explanatory. Since Google Toolbar can only be installed online, it adds difficulty everytime I reinstall my Windows...

*looks up*

Ah well... I am asking too much, aren't I? Have a nice weekend, pal. *flees*

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techniqueal t. said...

couldn't blame you as i am a big fan of google too! ^_^

this is a pretty good list. i especially agree with item number 2 (better support forum); nod vigoriously on item number 3 (PR on google searches)....lol, and item number 6 (blogger themes).

for the images in blogger, i have long given up on their image management. i now do the hard coding. could be tiring yes but it has its advantages somehow.

ONE THING i really would like to "petition" (^_^) to google though is... Google Pages! Ah, ive been tryiiing for months to look for better alternative but the server response time isnt just as good as Google's.

oh well, i certainly hope they would read your post and may be plan on adding these features in the future ^_^ fantastic post!

Fransiska Ike said...

Haha ^^ Let's hope Google read this. After all, this is Google's platform lol.

techniqueal t. said...

calling for Google people.. calling for Google people.. your attention please.. ^_^

i found one technique on filters though. im not sure if this will work for you but you may give it a try if you like.

it used to be cluttered on mine too but you know what? once you've added designated labels on the messages: you may open one message, cross out/delete the INBOX label. in this way, the message will then be considered as archive and it would only be found upon clicking the label link on the gmail sidebar.

one downside is, you cannot accomplish this in bulk therefore you'll have to open one message at a time to remove the INBOX label.

unless of course, there are other techniques i am not aware of. ^_^

~ said...

Google is awesome. End of.

Adrian said...

Hahahaha.... Nice 'petition' Sis.. Still wondering, why don't Google just give us folder instead of label -.-' I really much more convenient with folder way of think. Label is giving me too much confusing time.

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Pretty informative posts.
I have to say, I 'google' because I'm used to it.
If I had a list, my number one item would be, whenever I typed in specific search words, that it would bring up sites that really DO have something to do with what I was searching for...I think that would be great!

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