21 November 2008

Gmail's Native Themes Support.

Gmail now officially support web mail themes. As you can see on above screenshot, with themes we can beautify our web mail. But then, what's the use of that? For me, there's no extra usefulness from that. It slows down my old computer's performance considerably. Also, being a fan of POP, I don't use Gmail's web mail interface often except when I want to chat with my friends....

But if you are a web mail user, you can use these themes (feel free to choose from 20+ themes or so) to personalize your page. For now, you can only pick themes provided by Gmail but, it would be great if we can add our own themes in the future.

In the end, it's just a matter of personal taste. Pick what suit your needs. ^^


lvs said...

I use gmail everyday and I couldnt find this in my settings. Then I enquired and found out that its being done in installments. They are enabling sets of gmail users at a time. You are lucky yours is already enabled for themes. I am still waiting :(

Well like you I was happy without them, but now that they are there, I like the fact that I have choice :)

Fransiska Ike said...

Hahaha. I wish they install it soon on your webmail ^^

~ said...

I don't mind themeless gmail. If this theme thing makes gmail slow to load.. well..

SBA said...

I'd like to try them out! Currently using a theme for IGoogle home page and I like it.

Sam said...

Hi FI,

Thanks for the visit and drop... You have a long name, may I call you FI?

About your post I don't mind those themes. The most important thing is the message. hahaha

Have a great weekend!!!

techniqueal t. said...

all i can say -- gotta love gmail! ^_^

EverybodyGeek said...

Very nice from Gmail. But I'll stick to the default.A mailbox eeds to be clean and simple for me.

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