09 November 2008

How To Protect Your Email Address On Your Blog From Spammer.

Every bloggers want to provide their readers with email address. This is meant so the readers can contact them. There are many ways to do it. The first, and the easiest one, is by posting email address like www@yahoo.com or gggg@gmail.com. While this is easy for you, and for your readers too, it's not good at all. Spammers can easily pick it up and use their damned spambots to flood your mailbox. While Gmail's anti spam engine is very good at shielding your mailbox, getting lots of spam messages on spam box isn't the most pleasant thing in the whole universe.

Here are several ways to mask your email address:

1. Mask your email address by using images.

No matter how good spambots are, they can't read that images and extract it to a pure text. This counter is good, and highly recommended. To make yours, visit: http://services.nexodyne.com/email/

2. Use contact form service.

Kontactr provides a free service that you can use. The example is this page and this page. The former is my contact form and the latter is my guest writer contact form. This is the most convenient way for your readers to approach you, since they only need to fill out blank forms to send you an email, and don't need to copy paste your email manually to webmail or email client.

3. Use ASCII Email Obfuscator.

Digital Colony provides an easy to use service. This is an example of my email address that being masked by email obfuscator service: Email Author

4. Javascript protection.

Syronex gives you easy way to make your own script. Simply make it on this page. Follow instructions posted there and it shouldn't be much trouble for you.

Well then, if you have another method, lemme know, yes?


techniqueal t. said...

pretty nice tips. wasn't aware of Digital Colony. Cool list you have here ^_^

Mr. I said...

Well, Kontactr fields are all compulsary including E-Mail. I do not lie to share my e-mail address when sending hate mails (I do not send many. Infact I do not send any!) but I avoid sendind e-mail address to someone completely unknown!

Kontactr said...

@Mr. I,
You can give a dummy email address if you don't like to give your original one.

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