09 November 2008

Trillian Error on Vista

At the beginning, I really confused what happened to my Trillian program (for them who don't know, Trillian is an all in one chat client program, similar to Pidgin or Miranda IM). On my OS, this program never able to save my chat history, always gave minor error when I try to tweak it, and refused to open my mail correctly when I clicked on the mail button.

I tried to re install the program with the newest version (because I thought maybe there's something wrong with installation process). But it remains the same :(

Today, out of nowhere, I remembered that vista got UAC, that doesn't let any program that haven't signed properly by microsoft to get any right to alter C drive content. I read somewhere on internet that this problem can be solved by install the program directly to C:/ drive instead of C:/Program Files/. But I don't want to do this, because I'm sure it will mess up my C:/ folders.

So I choosed to install the program on my other partition drive, create one big folder for it (in case later I'll have unsigned program like Trillian). After clicked finish installation, then my trillian functions 100% normal :D it doesn't give any error on history, can open mail using one click, etc...

Btw you also can disable UAC (User Account Control) to solve this problem. But I won't suggest to do it, because UAC is important (sometimes), especially to protect you in situation where your computer got spyware. But.. uh, if you insist to disable your UAC, you can do it by open control panel, click on Control Panel home, type UAC in search dialog box, and click turn UAC on or off.

Oh, and you need to reboot to make this changes work.


Trillian download link is here


Fransiska Ike said...

Maybe you can embed a link to download Trillian on this post, Adrian?

feefifoto said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Feel free to visit any time.

Adrian said...

Sure Sis ^^ Already added the download link. Thanks for reminding me..

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Mr. I said...

Well, people should avoid installing anything to C drive. I have made C drive about 7 GB. Only Windows XP is there. For all other programms, I have tweaked the registry to move Program Files to other drive.

Can this work on Vista?

Adrian said...

What I usually do on Vista is changing the installation folder to another partition when I feel the program is not very crucial for the system. If the program doesn't give any choice to install on different partition, I rather leave it to default, to avoid any troubles.

That registry tweak on XP you mentioned, I think it doesn't work with Vista. I read that forcing to move program files folder to another partition will create a malfunction of Windows Update on Vista. So I better do it safe way ^^ manually on installation progress.

techniqueal t. said...

this is a great tip! we use trillian at work so i'L definitely keep this on mind if such error occurs. ^_^

Coolest Split Air Conditioning said...

excellent post.i also face the same problem in beginning.

Kay said...

I use Trillian even now and I have vista. It works for me, but I have this strange feeling that the program is somewhat slowing down my computer? After I downloaded it, my computer has been acting very strangely and glitching a lot... Should I delete Trillian?

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