28 November 2008

Which One Should I Buy?

I want to get myself a new lappy, but can't think or see the best option available. Dollar exchange rate is pretty bad too on my country, so I need to be careful. Here are the list of lappy I can find (good performance per price). Can you give me suggestion?

Lenovo IdeaPad G410 960~ http://www.bhinneka.com/products/sku00508422.aspx

Lenovo IdeaPad G430 953~ http://www.bhinneka.com/products/sku00508574.aspx

I only have 700-850 dollars (max), so don't tell me I need to get those Vaio series.... I can't afford it. If you have any other brand in mind that you would like to recommend, let me know by dropping a comment here.


chered said...

it depends actually on how you will use it. if you want surfing and word processing only, then your best best is the EEPC series. Im sure it would fit your budget..the best EEPC is Asus since they are the original one. If you want more adventure you can try linux EEPC.

Adrian said...

X-ware seems nice.. It is use core 2 duo penryn already, and overall greater than Lenovo. But I never heard about this brand, so I don't know wether the service after sales is good. If you can trust X-ware, go for it. It really a good bargain for the price.
Btw, have you check local brand like Axio, Byon, ECS?

Sam said...

Hi FI,

I'm not familiar of those but I think you know what's best for you. HEhehe

Have a great weekend!

Fransiska Ike said...

eePC is too small, I can't use it to play games...

And for local brands, I somehow doubt their... reliability. Sure the specs and the prices are great, but if they can't last that long then...what's the use?

techniqueal t. said...

hmmm, pretty tough choice. performance-wise, lenovo has proven its worth on its field, but then again, the x-ware unit has pretty good specs too.

i would have to agree with sam, in the long run, you'll really just know what is the best for you.

good luck, hope you find what is right for you ^_^

btw, ive been using asus eee for a year now and to date, it has kept me VERY satisfied. the storage problem was solved by an external hdd. ^_^

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