29 November 2008

Three Things You Need To Consider Before Purchasing A Computer.

Just yesterday, I posted a thread asking which lappie that I should buy. In the past I acquired my CPU after I had asked several friends of mine about which specs should I get. Getting advices here is important because, you might don't know all development on computer stuffs, so preventing woes from purchasing a wrong thing can be avoided. Ask or find out the following areas:

1. Budget

Huh? Of course this is important. With what do you plan to get that laptop/computer if you don't use money to buy it? Estimate your budget, don't overdo it. There are many things you might want to consider if you want to get computer/laptop that is out of your reach (such as your bills, expense plan etc). In my country, we're not using US Dollar as our currency, so the recent world recession hit us quite bad. Consider that also, don't blindly purchase anything priced in Dollars.

It might be wise to wait until everything returns back to normal. But well... it might take years haha.... Dare to gamble? :)

2. Needs.

For what purpose will you use that laptop/computer? I mainly use my computer for , browsing, blogging, coding and gaming, although I don't play modern games. I need a reasonable spec for these purposes so my choice would be a CPU that has fast processor and a decent amount of RAM. As for gaming, I absolutely need a good VGA to run latest games, but since I only play Warcraft nowadays (and I don't think I'm gonna play Far Cry 2 on the next one year) I don't need that good VGA card. This is done too to save my budget.

3. Upgrade Plan

Computer won't be updated by its own so you need to make your upgrade plan. Will that hardware run newer programs well in the next three years? If you're not going to use Vista and modern programs, you might want to opt out this plan. But consider purchasing a mainboard that can be expanded in the future. Gigabyte motherboards are a good example, since they have a decent onboard VGA card (enough to play simple game/rendering job) but offer PCI-ex slot too. This way, if you want to play newer games that is resource hungry (especially VGA) you can simply purchase a new graphic card and insert it on your motherboard easily without need to change your computer radically.

And oh, 4 RAM slots motherboards are preferrable too. Getting a new RAM is the cheapest way to improve your computer's performace.


I think that's all but well.... did I miss anything? ^^

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techniqueal t. said...

i believe you covered it all here especially the upgrade plan! sad to say,i have missed that point when i bought my lappie. =(

wonderful and very useful list sis! ^_^

Fransiska Ike said...


What's your laptop, techie?

techniqueal t. said...

i use asus eee for my personal needs. when i purchased it a year ago, what i had in mind was: the size, the weight, the OS (linux!), its functuality - they all suit my taste and needs. storage capacity can easily be resolved by getting a memcard or hdd. a few hacks can tweak the video as well.

it could have been better though if i initially considered the upgrade plan but then, no big regrets as im still satisfied with its performance. moreso as this gives me an opportunity to explore its hacks ^_^

hope you get yours soon! again, this is a very helpful post. really great tips especially for those who are considering on buying their own lappie. keep the good work ^_^

Technomedico said...

Important points covered in a nutshell really,
Have you purchased your lappie friend?
If yes then which one it is?
I have recently bought Acer Aspire 4930 model
you can see its specs at one of my recent post
Also I wrote about the same topic a while ago,
I hope you might benefit from it
c u

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