01 December 2008

Software Review: PhotoResizer 3.0

This is the post to continue my last post about how to resize photo on Vista. But in here, I'll be focus on Photo Resizer 3.0 application.

After download PhotoResize400.exe, and place it somewhere that easy to access, you can start drag and drop JPG files or even folder to photoResize icon. By default the application will be resize you picture to 400 pixels and preserves original aspect ratio, but if you want to have another size of picture, you can simply change the program name. Ex: if you want to resize to 1024 pixels photo, you can rename the program that you downloaded into photoresize1024.exe, and when you drag and drop your photos to the icon, your photo will automatically resized to 1024 pixels. If you want to have manual control both width and height of the output image, rename the application to PhotoResizeWxH.exe, where W is the requested width and H is the requested height.

Based on the program website, they tell us that "the tool is using high quality resizing method, where colour of each pixel is a weighted average of all covered pixels from the original image. Linear interpolation is used when zooming in". They also claim that "The algorithm is optimized to work with gamma-corrected pictures".
Based on my trial, yes, the program resize picture very fast and it gives my photo more details compared to resizing photo using Microsoft Outlook. Good point..

If you find that drag and drop is giving to much harsh for you, then try using this program with open with. First select where you save the program. After you found it, then click Ok. Remember not tick "Always use this program to open this kind of file", otherwise next time when you click your picture, instead of display, your computer will resize it.

There is a lot of other tweaks you can do with this program, for example resize the dpi, specify another folder to save, overwrite original file, etc. You can see the details from their website. It is very simple and good guide.

The only bug I found until now is that you can not resize to many pictures in a row. Maybe 20 or 30 will do. But when I tried 60 pictures, it didn't work. Also this program only work with JPEG files. For me it is adequate, because I rarely use another picture format.

Oh, and this program is absolutely free. Of course you can donate to the creator of this program, if you find that this program is useful for you :)


techniqueal t. said...

great review! will certainly this out. just too bad it doesn't support png. but still, nothing beats free ^_^

Fransiska Ike said...

Yay this is this blog's first series thread. :D Thankies.

avideogameplayer said...

Do you have any posts regarding music or mp3s?


Fransiska Ike said...

Music player? If that's what you want I have Winamp and K-Lite reviews. If you're talking about mp3s themselves then no. :( Maybe I'll write something about them. Thanks for the idea.

Adrian said...

Yeah.. Nothing beats free.. Free rocks :D

No worries ^^

Resizing music? Hmmm....

Ramiro Bowdon NBA BLOG said...

Music player? If that's what you want I have Winamp and K-Lite reviews. If you're talking about mp3s themselves then no. :( Maybe I'll write something about them. Thanks for the idea.

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