01 December 2008

Entrecard? What's Going On There?

I visited Entrecard this morning and got this error message:


We have an emergency outage in progress due to on-going problems with ads not being properly published. We'll keep it as short as possible but this really has to be solved properly. Sorry about this everyone!

update: So, we're still working. I believe the problemw ith ads etc has beenr esolved but I'm doing some reloads and stuff as well at the same time. The site hasn't been performing very well recently and if it's a difference between a 2 hour outage and a 3 hour one, making it run faster is worth the extra downtime. Sorry to everyone who is missing out on drops etc but I honestly believe it'll be better once we come back.

Served from s02

lolwut? Entrecard went down again? They need to resolve this matter ASAP.

But it's a habit recently to have a service broken. My ISP scheduled a maintenance too and I am currently unable to use them. The current connection is Dial Up lolz.


techniqueal t. said...

ah, this reminds me of our ISP at work. it has a work time sched similar to our employees. the connection always and as in always gets interrupted at 9 pm, give or take. service doesn't work on weekends either -- ISP day off? lol

dial up? aw, man. that sux. jc, how come you haven't upgraded yet?

hope EC issue gets fixed soon!

Fransiska Ike said...

Yea :\ Dial up sux, I agree. But eh, I have no other choice. Use it or no internet, that's it!

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